Part Of My Cypress Creek Hike & Bike Trails Labyrinth Hike

Park Sign
This is the sign to the park.
User: Lone_Star - 10/29/2013

Location: Timber Lane Park

Rating: halfstar
Difficulty: halfstar  Solitude: halfstar
Miles Hiked: N/A  Elapsed Time: N/A


I hiked Timber Lane Park as a part of a longer hike of the Cypress Creek Hike & Bike Trails Labyrinth (aka Timberlane Trails) hike.  You can read my log of that hike here.

Timber Lane Park is a medium size community park that consists of a disc golf course, a playground for kids, athletic fields, and a paved cement trail that loops around the park.  I do not know the exact distance of the loop, but I would estimate it to be approximately 1/2 mile.

Trailhead #1 of the Cypress Creek Hike & Bike Trail starts at Timber Lane Park and heads southwest into the woods.

Log Photos
Park Sign
View Of The Trail
Another View Of The Trail
Area around Timber Lane Park