Timberlane Trails

4.00 Miles
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Grand Rapids
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Connect To Cypress Creek Park
Crossing this drainage gully dam connects you to the trails of Cypress Creek Park at Timber Lane. (Photo by Blaze)
Cypress Creek
Some spots along the Yellow Trail provide a nice view of Cypress Creek. (Photo by Blaze)
Trail Map Displays
There are some trail map displays that show the trail system, but printed maps were not available and memorizing these trails was difficult. (Photo by Blaze)
Color-Coded Trails
This is a marker for the Orange Trail. Following the trails without a map is confusing because the trail forks in many places. (Photo by Blaze)
View Of The Trail
This is a view of the trail when you leave Timber Lane Park. (Photo by Blaze)
Trailhead #1
Trailhead #1 starts at Timber Lane Park and the dirt trail heads southwest into the woods. (Photo by Blaze)
Log Entries
Cypress Creek Hike & Bike Trail Labyrinth
By Blaze on 10/29/2013
Rating: 1point5stars Difficulty: 1star Solitude: 1star
Distance: 10.20 Miles Duration: 3 hours, 34 minutes

I started my hike of the Timberlane Trails (aka Cypress Hike & Bike Trail) at Timber Lane Park.  After looping the park, I caught the dirt Cypress Hike & Bike Trail and hiked into the woods.  There are two color-coded trails (yellow and orange), but the signage is a little confusing as often a color-coded trail forks off in two different directions.  There are some display boards that show a trail map and there are supposed to be some printed trail maps available for users of the trail, but when I hiked the trail all of the containers for the printed trail maps were empty so I am not sure if or how often the printed maps are replenished.  With a printed map in hand, it is hard to hit all of the various loops.

At the far west end of the trails, I noticed another trail system running on the other (west) side of the drainage gully.  I found out this was a new trail system known as Cypress Creek Park at Timber Lane.  It looked promising, so I followed it.  This trail system consists of paved concrete trails as well as some dirt trails.  A large display board erected near the children's playground shows that some additional trails are being planned for the future.  I decided to see if I could hike them and I did where I could, but I found some places to be totally undeveloped and impassable.  On another unimproved trail, I abruptly turned around when I encountered 3 snakes in less than 10 seconds.  It was apparent to me I had walked into a snake's den and I wasn't emboldened to go any further to see if there were any more. :)  Instead, I took a detour back through a subdivision until I could rejoin the trail.

You can read my log of the hike through Cypress Creek Park at Timber Lane here.

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