Alston Park

5.00 Miles
236 Feet
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The trails not far from the main parking area. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Looking back from the Alston's uphill areas back into the heart of Napa Valley. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
The trail heading towards the farthest point in the back of the park. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Most of the boundary of the park consists of vineyards, which is to be expected in Napa. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
The off-leash dog area is popular with people and canines alike. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
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Napa Valley is recognized as one of the premier wine growing regions in the world and a prime tourist destination 50 miles from San Francisco. The broad valley spreads alongside the lush Napa River oasis between two mountain ranges. Agricultural lands blend smoothly with a myriad of regional and state parks and thousands of acres of public greenspace.
Day Hikes Around Napa Valley provides the descriptions and directions to access the area's hiking opportunities. Trails can be discovered throughout the valley, across mountain ranges, alongside bays and rivers, and through cool forests. Highlights include steep canyons, secluded redwood forests, the largest freshwater lake in California, a massive petrified forest, rugged rock formations, historical sites, protected wildlife habitats, and expansive ridgetop vistas to the Pacific and San Francisco. A wide range of hikes accommodates amateur to avid hikers, from urban strolls to panoramic peak trails. Also included is comprehensive trail access information for dog owners.
A companion guide is Day Hikes Around Sonoma County.