Point Isabel Regional Shoreline

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Contra Costa
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If you love dogs, Point Isabel Regional Shoreline is the place for you. If you're a cat, you probably want to stay away. Point Isabel has the highest concentration of dogs (and their owners presumably) that you'll probably find in the Bay Area. They are everywhere, wagging tails, doggy paddling in the water, ball chasing, leaping and running. Don't have a dog, but like watching dogs at play? Then there's still a lot here for you.

Hiking-wise, the trails here are simple and easy. They're walking paths along the bay shore that provide a few views of San Francisco to the southwest. Much, if not most, of the park's trails are ADA accessible. Parking here can be a problem as the parking spaces are limited. Overflow parking is on the street where possible.

Bay View
A view of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge from the shore. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Lots of people, and dogs
A view of the trail showing the large number of people and canines present. Want solitude? Look elsewhere. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
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